Internship Administrative Customer Care

Job description

The Process department is the beating heart of the company: without it, everything would fall apart! As Yource, we protect traveler’s rights in the case of a delayed, cancelled and overbooked flight and we claim compensation when it’s due. We make sure people are heard and helped in a personal way so that they get what they are rightfully entitled to. Within the customer care department, we therefore work hard on completing dossiers, providing information and advice to our clients via email and telephone and the processing of incoming and outcoming post and emails. As an intern administrative customer care you are in charge of making sure all dossiers are in order and that clients are always responded to in a friendly way. Your daily activities are the direct link to more happy travellers around the world.


What a possible day may look like

It’s 09:00 when you enter the office: you greet your colleagues and take your seat in your team. Today is going to be an interesting day as Transavia had a strike yesterday. You are expecting quite some messages from passengers, which means you can help many potential clients!

You open Slack and notice there have been quite a few funny Giphy’s sent around already. You receive your daily tasks and start digging in. After you have spoken to a few clients and have processed several claims, you notice that a passenger made a mistake while uploading her passport. You ask Gabrielle, Medior Claims Specialist, what to do and find out you can simply notify the passenger with an automated message through the system. Another mystery solved!

After checking documents and sending letters to airlines, it is already lunch time. You decide to take a nice stroll through the Vondelpark as the weather is finally great. When you get back to the office and have called several clients to ask for more information about their dossiers, you notice you already reached your daily target. You tell Manon, manager Customer Care, and she compliments you on your good work. The timing also couldn’t be better: in the meantime many claims have been submitted because of the Transavia strike, so extra help in completing dossiers is more than welcome! Before you know it, the working day is already over – time for some Friday drinks!


  • Verifying documents uploaded or sent by customers;
  • Requesting documents with customers (via email and phone);
  • Submitting claims with the airline (via email, post or online form);
  • Processing correspondence from the airline;
  • Continuously trying to improve the daily process.


What are we looking for?

  • You are an enthusiastic MBO student from an administrative / legal course;
  • You are available for an average of 24-40 hours per week;
  • You speak English fluently;
  • You have good computer skills;
  • You have strong communication skills, good social skills and a proactive attitude;
  • You are available for a minimum of 3 months;
  • You will be able to start your internship around February 2020.

What we offer:

  • An informal working environment with fun and ambitious colleagues;
  • Friday afternoon drinks, quarterly office parties and an annual company outing;
  • A unique opportunity to grow along with our worldwide ambitions;
  • The stimulation to always share your ideas, at any time, on any level;
  • The office dog that you’re more than welcome to pet; Truus!


Getting excited to be part of Yource? Then simply apply via the link below with your CV and motivation letter. Additional questions? You can always call Demi at 020 261 67 66.